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Ep 129: Civil asset forfeiture

The BC Government is looking to make it easier for the government to take your stuff. We talk to the BCCLA’s Counsel (Policy) Meghan McDermott about why that is...

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Emergency Pod: Erosions of trust

Scott reacts to Trudeau’s morning press conference. Sorry for the repost. We had to repost a few updates following some updates with our server.

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Ep 128: No criminal behaviour, that’s the standard?

Yes, more SNC Lavalin drama as former PMO Principal Secretary Gerald Butts speaks his truth to the Justice Committee and PCO Clerk Michael Wernick returns for round two. Then,...

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Ep 127: Some light interference

Jody Wilson-Raybould’s explosive testimony and the results of three federal byelections

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Ep 126: Darryl throws shade

A budget, a spicy reply from the Speaker and more fallout from l’affaire SNC.

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Ep 125: Rookie mistakes

A BC Throne speech plus continuing scandals in the legislature and the PMO.

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