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Ep 107: Policy Pop-Up

We speak to Alyson Tan, founder of Policy Pop-Up, a new effort to engage millennials in conversations about complex policy issues that are in the news. Then we look...

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Ep 106: Back to the Leg ft Shannon Waters

BC Today’s Shannon Waters joins us again to talk about the first week back in the legislature this fall, the province’s big LNG announcement and USMCA. We’re moderating a...

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Ep 104: All smoke and no stores

The Conservatives gain a new MP through a surprise floor crossing from the Liberals. BC is going to have one single cannabis store open on October 17 but you’ll have to drive to Kamloops to visit it. But first, we respond to feedback around Doug Ford’s decision to invoke the notwithstanding clause (and why it’s off the table again).

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Ep 103: It’s not the people’s People’s Party

Maxime Bernier’s launched his new party: The People’s Party of Canada and everyone’s already made the requisite PP jokes. Meanwhile in Ontario a court ruling invalidated Doug Ford’s attempt...

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