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Bad PR Arguments Everyone Needs To Stop Making

The campaign over the proportional representation referendum is in full swing. As with any campaign, that brings on a slew of bad arguments. Hearing the same bad arguments, day after day, has gotten me to the point were I felt compelled to write this (even if it is just to blow off a little steam).

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Ep 107: Policy Pop-Up

We speak to Alyson Tan, founder of Policy Pop-Up, a new effort to engage millennials in conversations about complex policy issues that are in the news. Then we look at BC’s Auditor General’s latest report on tax expenditures, why the homebuyer credit is bad and why transparency is good....

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Ep 106: Back to the Leg ft Shannon Waters

BC Today’s Shannon Waters joins us again to talk about the first week back in the legislature this fall, the province’s big LNG announcement and USMCA. We’re moderating a proportional representation debate! Hosted by the Canadian Club at the Terminal City Club on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 between 12:00-2:00 PM. Get...

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