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Debate: Is social media destroying democracy?

Thanks to SFU Public Square for allowing us to share the audio from their recent debate. Here’s their information: Is Social Media Destroying Democracy? A Debate on Social Media in the Age of Disinformation Democracy, the fundamental idea that an individual can express their personal choices through a vote, hangs in the balance. There’s no denying...

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Ep 131: What are they, the Alberta NDP?

Ridehailing is coming to BC… eventually. LNG is really coming though. And SNC continues to engulf the PMO.

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Ep 130: David Moscrop wrote a book

Recorded over beers at Big Rock Urban, we talk to friend of the pod, David Moscrop, about his new book Too Dumb For Democracy. We also look at the federal budget and the litany of news around the SNC Lavalin affair. Plus our usual quick takes. And let us know if we should record more...

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