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Ep 52: Tedds takes on the budget update

The BC NDP has released its budget update, so we brought back Prof Lindsay Tedds to bring a tax-economics eye to the discussion. Plus our usual quicktakes.


Ep 51: Betrayal!

The Legislature is back in session and we’ve already seen sparks fly – within the BC Liberal party! Plus we check in on the state of the Vancouver byelections with a who’s who of the candidates in the race.

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Ep 50: The Live Show!

Our live show turned into an extended edition! In the first forty minutes, we talk to political scientist David Moscrop about the ongoing John A MacDonald naming controversies and the NDP leadership race. In the remainder of the show, we welcome the crew of Pod Keep Our Land to talk about the BC Liberals leadership race and the federal cabinet shuffle and shadow cabinet.

Thanks for helping make 50 episodes possible, we can’t wait to do more!

Ep 49: Evan Balgord on right wing extremism

Evan Balgord, freelance journalist for CANADALAND and Torontoist, joins us to talk right wing extremism and anti-Muslim bigotry in BC and across Canada. Then we catch up on a smorgasbord of stories from BC and federal politics.

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Ep 48: Countering white supremacy

Ian and Scott are back together to catch up on all things BC and Canadian politics. Then they discuss the upcoming anti-racist march in Vancouver with two of the organizers of the rally.

The interview starts at 34:08.

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