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Background in physics, works in non-profit, an excess of opinions.

Ep 120: BC isn’t woke

More takes on the PR referendum, byelections and more pipeline protests.

Ep 119: Apparently it wasn’t too close to call

Ian spoke to Too Close to Call’s Bryan Breguet about what the polls got wrong about the PR referendum results.

Ep 118: 2018 End of Year Extravaganza

A look back at the year that was and predictions for 2019.

Ep 117: A bridge too far

The study on the George Massey Tunnel replacement has come back with a report recommending further study. But first, Ian speaks to BC Green Party House Leader Sonia Furstenau about her parties’ successes in 2018 and what she’s looking forward to working on in 2019.

We’ll have one more episode next week to wrap up the year.

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Segment 1: Sonia Furstenau

Segment 2: Kicking the cans down the tunnel
at 23m59s

Quick takes
at 39m23s

Ep 116: Canada’s Archduke Ferdinand situation

Leg drama, Clean BC and Huawei arrest.