Books and Other Readings

If you wanted to learn more about politics, or were just interested in what books shaped Ian and Scott’s thinking, this is the list for you. Unlike its companion page, our List of Canadian Political Podcasts,  this list only includes work the hosts have personally read. We will be periodically updating this incomplete list.



Essays and Articles:


I’m basically just going to be including the things I’ve read in 2018. Not necessarily endorsements but more a glimpse into where my thinking is at.


  • Matter of Confidence – Rob Shaw & Richard Zussman
  • The Left in British Columbia: A History of Struggle – Gordon Hak
  • Infidels and the Damn Churches – Lynne Marks
  • No Is Not Enough – Naomi Klein
  • The Inconvenient Indian – Thomas King
  • Maximum Canada – Doug Saunders
  • In Defense of Housing – Peter Marcuse & David Madden
  • Alt-America – David Neiwert
  • Kill All Normies – Angela Nagle
  • The New Urban Crisis – Richard Florida