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Ep 73: An affordable throne

The BC NDP’s spring Throne Speech aimed to quell anxiety over unaffordable housing but how much substance did it contain? The BC Liberals won the Kelowna West byelection in one of the least exciting races to date. And Micah calls in to give us the update on how the Aquarium won its case against the Vancouver Parks Board.

In our quick takes, we look at the latest names being tossed around for the Vancouver municipal election, we spend a while looking at the Northeast False Creek development plan approved this week, a report on ridesharing in BC, Trudeau’s new framework for recognizing indigenous rights and Patrick Brown’s ongoing efforts to take the Ontario PCs down with him.

And we close off with our picks for this week’s #bestofbcpoli

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Segment 1: An affordable throne

Segment 2: That was literally the same result
at 23m02s

Segment 3: Micah was wrong
at 27m02s

Quick takes
at 34m59s

at 1h08m23s

Ep 72: Wine pipelines

A BC politics heavy podcast this week: The BC Liberals have a new leader but how much is he just like the old leaders? Alberta stops importing BC wines after BC puts a moratorium on diluted bitumen shipments, prompting Scott to have an aneurysm. We check in on how these two stories will play in the Kelowna West byelection. In quick takes we look at a slew of BC Government announcements, Trudeau’s town hall woes, a new national environmental review process and which dictatorial regime we’re selling arms to this week. And we finish off with a few of the many great tweets from this past week in our #bestofbcpoli segment.

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Segment 1: Another Andrew at the helm

Segment 2: Drunkirk
at 25m17s

Segment 3: Wine country votes
at 39m02s

“Quick” takes
at 44m17s

at 1h11m44s

Ep 71: Lieutenant Governoring the youth

Ian flies solo for this week’s short edition. First he talks with Ranil Prasad about the Vancouver Youth Parliament, then some follow up on more political fallout from allegations harassment across Canada. Finally, some quick takes and a look at the #bestofbcpoli.

This week’s music: Once you know by Michael Averill


Segment 1: Vancouver Youth Parliament

Segment 2: #metoo two
at 15m32s

Quick takes
at 20m56s

Best of bcpoli
at 28m06s

This week’s theme: Beautiful British Columbia

Ep 70: #MeToo comes to Canadian politics

Pod Keep Our Land’s Erin Rennie joins us to talk about the spate of political resignations this week following different sexual misconduct allegations. Leaders of the Progressive Conservative parties in Ontario and Nova Scotia stepped down, as did Liberal federal cabinet minister Kent Hehr.

But first, we check in on the state of the BC Liberal leadership race as the last debate was held earlier this week and voting happens next weekend.

Plus our usual quick takes and this week’s #bestofbcpoli

This week’s music: Beautiful Day by Jess Vaira

#bestofbcpoli intro: For this is British Columbia by Greg and Rich

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Segment 1: More Enterprise than an episode of Star Trek

Segment 2: #MeToo comes to #cdnpoli
at 17m06s

Quick takes
at 39m27s

Best of #bcpoli
at 55m40s

Finally, apologies for the audio quality in the first two segments, the gain was a bit high on one of our mics. It gets better after the quick takes.

Ep 69: Minimum wage and War of Plates potpourri

UBC economics prof Kevin Milligan takes our questions on the minimum wage debates. Plus a potpourri of topics from spending in the Vancouver byelection to the latest survey of British Columbians thoughts on Site C and proportional representation to the ongoing War of Plates between Alberta and Saskatchewan. And we close off with our picks from the best of #bcpoli this week.

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Segment 1: Kevin Milligan and the $15 minimum wage

Quick takes
at 28m28s

Best of #bcpoli