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Ep 126: Darryl throws shade

A budget, a spicy reply from the Speaker and more fallout from l’affaire SNC.

Ep 125: Rookie mistakes

A BC Throne speech plus continuing scandals in the legislature and the PMO.

Ep 124: The data piggy bank is running dry

BC’s parties have more data than money these days and the PMO is in hot water for allegations it went to bat for SNC Lavalin.

Ep 123: Don’t believe everything you hear on Mainstreet

An unsurprising result in the Nanaimo byelection.

Ep 122: The alleged truckload of alcohol

Darryl Plecas dropped his laundry list of concerns that led to the dismissal of the Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms last November and it’s all anyone in bcpoli is talking about, so it’s basically all we’re going to talk about.

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Craig James & Gary Lenz response

Quick takes
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